At 6of1 we produce museum quality reproductions of artefacts from the archaeological record, museum collections, metal detector finds, manuscript illustrations and period paintings. This allows you to own, use and wear replicas that could have come from the same workshops as the originals.

This is a typical example of the type of work we undertake. "Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman 1505" by Albrecht Durer shows an attractive necklace reproduced by 6of1 using amethyst and freshwater pearl.

As all our products are hand-crafted using original techniques, it is impractical to mass produce them and so we will generally only ever make six of each one. This does not include domestic items or most small dress accessories.

Every replica we produce is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity which gives the references and materials used, allowing you to date each item accurately and ensure that it is correct for your period/requirements.